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Speed Snooker is a variant of snooker using the tables and settings that ShootersPool (PC)  - Billiards Simulation provides.  It is a quick, fun and exciting variant that has proven to be very succesful since it was introduced by Creative Snooker/The Snooker Club almost 6 months ago.

Played on a smaller table and paired with fast cloth settings in a variety of the great venues that ShootersPool provides, with the 15 second shot clock it's possible to play quickly and make great breaks.  The highest break made so far in this format is by myself (GeekyBlinder) with a 104 total clearance, just 3 points away from the magical maximum of 107.

The break off is decided with a lag and also after a foul and miss your opponent has cue ball in hand. 


The Speed Snooker Shootout is played every sunday at 20:00 BST, the only entry requirements are that you are a member of The Snooker Club -

Every Sunday at approx 14:00BST a link and password will be posted in the #speed-snooker-shootouts channel of the The Snooker Club  Discord, this password must not be shared or given to anyone other than by The Snooker Club admin team.

Usually during each Shootout plenty of players join our voice chat channels and live streaming is usually provided by Creative Snooker on either Twitch or YouTube.

At the end of each tournament a custom designed virtual trophy and high break rosette will be presented to the winner of the tournament, stats are also kept on each players success in the tournament over the year.

Whereas it used to be a requirement to also be a member of the Creative Snooker Discord I have deciced that from now on I will host this tournament as an exclusive 'The Snooker Club' tournament with the only entry requirement being that you are a TSC member and a certain quota of TSC Multi League VIP games being played, please note you do not have to be a TSC Multi League member to join.  As a long serving admin of 'The Snooker Club' I feel that this is a much better way to encourage more entries to the tournament and makes it much easier for us to ensure that players stay within the rules of The Snooker Club.  Any player who has shown any Aggressiveness, nastiness or any form of personal abuse/racism/prejudice of the below whether it past/present may not be welcome to join.

These tournaments are all about fun and enjoying the snooker.  Spending time together as a community and having a good laugh at the same time as enjoying some competition.  At the end of the day it's just a computer game.


Please be a decent human and respect our community.

Many Thanks

The Snooker Club - Admin Team



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