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ShootersPool - Creative Snooker Challenge Matches

Challenge matches are to give players experience of longer format matchplay snooker, longer format matches differ quite a lot from the single frames that a majority of ShootersPool snooker players are used to, you will get to experience the ebb and flow of matchplay as each player goes through different stages of both positive and negative periods of play.  A longer match will allow you to settle into a better rhythm and making a good start is not so important as with a single frame match.


Challenge matches are to played in a professional environment, please read details below before setting up a match.  These are the conditions generally used in almost all ShootersPool and The Snooker Club leagues and tournaments.

  • Playing assistances : None

  • Room: must be set by yourself or opponent, use of the Snooker Club private rooms is not allowed.

  • Match type : Regular

  • Max allowed players: 2

  • Players password : cs147

  • Spectators password : cs147

  • Table: ShootersPool Mercury 12ft table or any other 12ft table except the ShootersPool classi

  • Cloth : Strachan no.10 cloth (10% wear)

  • Cloth colour: Olive

  • Ball set & Cueball : SuperPro1G ball set (100% polished) and  

  • Games : minimum best of 5 (first to 3 games)

  • Sets :  1

  • Snooker custom 15 Reds must be used so as not to effect main snooker rating

  • Start break policy : Lag

  • Break policy: Alternate

  • Shot clock : 45 seconds

  • These venues are not allowed due to unsuitable lighting, the salon, modern house, country house, palace and money ball billiards tavern.  All other TV style arenas are fine to use.

  • It is expected that all players participating in challenge matches must own the correct equipment above to set up their own rooms.  Any games played on the incorrect set up will be declared null and void without exception.  All matches wil be checked on completion by Creative Snooker admin.  All equipment required can be purchased for a small amount of VC or real money in the ShootersPool game store here

  • Any challenge match may be streamed live or recorded at the discretion of Creative Snooker

  • Keep chat friendly and to a minimum during these games.

  • It is every players right to remain silent during a competitive game so please respect your opponent at all times, it is better to talk about the game afterwards, not during it.  Chat of any kind whilst a player is on a break is NOT allowed.  

  • No swearing, abuse or complaining during a game.  Reports of abusive chat or unsporting conduct may result  in a ban from the server and or the offending player being awarded a loss of the challenge match.

  • All matches to be played to completion, though conceding frames is acceptable, rage quitting/retiring from matches is not.  Anyone reported for rage quitting may be banned from the server,

  • If you have a poor internet connections with frequent disconnections unfortunately you are not eligible to take part in challenge matches due to it being very distracting and unfair to your opponent.  Likewise if your opponent has lots of disconnections please report them to one of our admins.  Anything more than 1 disconnection per game is deemed unacceptable.

  • A short break after so many frames may be agreed between players should you wish.  How to do this is one player leaves the room for a set amount of minutes whilst the other remains.

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