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Creative Snooker - Fairplay Agreement


Here at Creative Snooker we take fair play very seriously, anyone caught being dishonest with sufficient evidence to back up the accusations and prove guilt will recieve a permanent ban from Creative Snooker discords, groups and all future ShootersPool  leagues/tournaments connected with it.  Any findings including player names and names on any accounts associated with the guilty persons will be shared both publicly on all my socials and with the ShootersPool  developers as well as other ShootersPool discords, groups, forums and websites admins.

We are always on the lookout for suspicious activitely and if we feel the need will record gameplay video and gather other evidence for when we  confront anyone we feel may be cheating.


Examples of methods that are considered cheating are shown below.


  • Use of crosshairs or any device or method to artificially assisting aiming.

  • Exploiting in game bugs, rule glitches to your own advantage.

  • Changing the games code or files in any way to gain an advantage or change the way in which it operates.

  • Use of any software or device which restricts mouse axis movement or effects the way the game runs to gain an advantage.

  • Using additional ShootersPool accounts to gain any advantage or to manipulate your VC economy.  Such as transferring funds to other accounts/persons so you can enter VC balance restricted tournaments.

  • Offering coaching advice via video, voice or direct message during any competitive game, snooker is a game of of indiviudual skill not a team game.  Coaching should only ever happen away from competitive games and only in games between the coach and their student.

  • Practicing in offline mode during an official league or tournament game.

  • Using another persons ShootersPool log in details to play a game for them


If anyone here knows of someone who they feel maybe  is'nt playing the game honestly then please message myself or one of our admins in confindence.  Any accusations will be take seriously and investigated by our admin team.

Thank you

Creative Snooker Admin Team

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