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HeadiThe Snooker Club

Multi platform, multi format, cue competitions.

The Snooker Club is a one-of-a-kind Snooker Club offering fun for all levels of player in the virtual world of snooker and pool.  

We have everything you could want for an exciting and entertaining experience, including multi leagues with promotions, relegations, with engraved league winners medals and high break trophies. We also offer ladder competitions for snooker, 9 ball and UK Blackball pool, as well as our new pool league and not forgetting our main season knockout tournament with a nice trophy as the prize.

Turn up at whenever time, have a laugh, chat with friends and opponents, watch live streams of matches and generally socialise as you would in a real snooker club. is the place to find the game to play the multi leagues and highest break trophy prizes for each league.

Shooterspool is free to download and play online, but you are limited to 6 reds snooker until you purchase the game for a small one off fee. We believe this to be the best snooker simulator game made. 
The game creators themselves are part of our community, and have kindly created 8 private tables for The Snooker Club members only.

We have a very friendly community, with all players willing to help anyone that's new with their settings or any other questions they may have.   We run all of this via a Discord chat server which you can join here 

If you are looking for regular matchplay and friendly matches, this is the place to join us.

Either download the app to your mobile device, or use your PC/laptop to sign up.

We have tried our best to make it as user friendly as possible, so don't be too overwhelmed at first. It really is simple once you take 5 minutes to learn it. And again, someone will be willing to help at most times of the day. 
The Snooker Club is always improving and evolving, we are looking to grow even bigger.

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